The Woman Who Was Killed By Israeli Soldiers

The story below is typical of the news coming out of occupied Palestine. It is now normal for Israeli soldiers to murder Palestinians in the street, for no reason, and facing no consequences. Indeed, this seems to be encouraged culturally, by the military, and by the Netanyahu government. The murders are a continuation of the genocide by which the zionist entity established itself in 1948. The story describes better than any abstract essay what the morality of zionism is.

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The Woman, Who was Killed By Israeli Soldiers Along With Her Brother, Was Pregnant
April 28, 2016

Saed Bannoura

Palestinian medical sources confirmed that the Palestinian woman, who was killed by Israeli army fire, on Wednesday, did not carry an explosive belt as the army claimed, but was instead five months pregnant, and “her only fault was walking the wrong route and not understanding Hebrew.”
The Israeli police and army tried to come up with various allegations, including the usual claim of “carrying a knife,” and then tried to claim that she “was wearing an explosive belt,” while the only thing she “carried” was her fetus.
The slain woman has been identified as Maram Saleh Abu Ismael, 24, a mother of two children; Sarah, 6, and Remas, 4. Her brother, Ibrahim Taha, only sixteen years of age, was also killed as he was walking with her, heading to Jerusalem, after she obtained for the first time, a permit to enter the city.
In contrary to the Israeli allegation that Maram “carried a knife,” and the second allegation of “carrying an explosive,” eyewitnesses said the two victims walked the wrong route while heading to the Qalandia terminal, as they took the route that is only used for vehicles, instead of the pedestrian path.
The soldiers then started shouting in Hebrew, a language neither Maram nor her brother understood, and the woman just froze from fear before the soldiers started firing at her, and when her brother rushed to rescue her, the soldiers shot him too, and both were left to bleed to death.
The two were tens of meters away from the soldiers, and contrary to military allegations, did not attempt to attack any soldier or officer.
Ahmad Taha, an eyewitness from Jerusalem said that after the soldiers shot the pregnant woman and her brother, they retreated a few meters back, and fired several additional live rounds on them, “confirming the kill.”
“There was no stabbing attempt, and no reason for the army to shoot, the soldiers shot them from a distance, and later fired more rounds to confirm the kill,” Ahmad said, “The soldiers then placed two knives next to the lifeless body of the pregnant woman, and shortly after that, the police published pictures showing three knives!”
Mohammad Ahmad, a bus driver who witnessed the shooting, said an Israeli soldier, who standing behind a large concrete block, shot the woman from a distance of more than twenty meters.
“Neither the woman, nor her brother, posed any threat to the lives of the soldiers,” Ahmad stated, “They were far away from the nearest soldier, and did not pose any threat to them – they just walked the wrong route.”
The slain brother and his sister are from Qotna village, northwest of occupied Jerusalem; Maram is Married and living with her husband and children in Beit Surik nearby village.
It is worth mentioning that a Palestinian ambulance rushed to the scene, but the soldiers closed the entire area, and prevented them from approaching the two Palestinians, who eventually bled to death.
More than an hour after the shooting, Israeli military medics placed the corpses of the two Palestinians in black bags, and took them away.
One day before this fatal shooting, a Palestinian man in his sixty nearly faced the same deadly fate when he walked this same wrong route, but when the soldiers started shouting at him he understood them because he speaks and understand Hebrew very well.

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Hall of Mirrors: The Psychology of False Flags

by Richard Hugus

March 5, 2016


“Analysis shows that magic rests everywhere on two fundamental principles: first, that like produces like; second, that things which have once been in contact continue ever afterward to act on each other. The former principle may be called the Law of Similarity; the latter, that of Contact of Contagion. From the one the magician infers that he can produce any effect he desires merely by imitating it in advance; from the other, that whatever he does to a material object will automatically affect the person with whom it was once in contact.”

–Sir James Frazer, The Golden Bough


Have you ever met someone in a narrow passage and found it difficult to get around them because they kept moving the same way as you? Did you ever see a bird attacking his reflection in a window, thinking it was another bird? What about the foretelling of an experience in déjà vu?

These are instances of the uncanny. They involve the phenomenon of mirroring. There is something about mirrors that undermines human rationality. We are presented with a logical impossibility – something is apparent to our senses, but it isn’t real. If we do believe it’s real, as Narcissus did, we may fall into an abyss. Birds don’t have even the first clue of what mirrors are, but humans are not much better. Show us our reflection in the outside world and we are discombobulated. Yet, the world often reflects ideas we have of it. And we often project onto the world ideas in our own heads, as if our perceptions were a kind of movie which we are in the process of making.

How does this apply to modern-day false flags? False flags are staged events covertly planned and executed by one state or group which, by impersonating another state or group, incriminates the other in a terrible attack. An enemy is thus created where none existed. By pointing to the crime, the aggressor is able to demonize and justify war against the supposed enemy. The agenda is war.

The more notorious false flags in history are well known: the sinking of the Maine in 1898 started the Spanish American War, the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 enabled full scale US aggression against Vietnam, and the September 11, 2001 attacks started the first-ever war on an abstraction – the “war on terror.” The war on terror might best be described as a zionist war against Arabs and Muslims, their lands, their culture, and their religion, following the model of the zionist attack on Palestine, but with the apparent goal of Israel becoming a superpower as it manipulates others into fighting its wars.

There were a number of false flags during the Cold War under the rubric of Operation Gladio. But since the attacks of 9-11, false flag events have become so numerous that it is as if they are created in the mode of a prime time television series, with production facilities, a large stable of actors, big budgets, script writers, and full publicity, every week churning out another drama.

One of the aspects of those false flags we have the most evidence about is their use of concurrent drills or exercises which mimic the planned crime. The exercises are a good example of mirroring being used to discombobulate people, such as those unwittingly involved in a planned operation. An example is the air traffic controller on 9-11 who responded to an alert of highjacked planes approaching New York by asking, “Is this real world or an exercise?” A large number of drills were taking place on 9-11, some to disable US defenses by sending response aircraft out of range, and others to mimic the event, as with false blips on radar, so that no one knew what was real and what was a simulation.

Drills in false flag operations are like the energized tables in amusement centers where, by turning on the energy, people are able to slide pucks over the table without the force of gravity affecting them. Concurrent drills make all things possible in the commission of broad-daylight crimes, from providing logistic support where and when it is needed, to creating confusion among people who might be in a position to stop the crime. Drills provide the buzz which seems to suspend the laws of physics. The buzz on 9-11 was so strong that two of the tallest skyscrapers in the world could fall with no resistance and no one would ask why.

The motivation for crimes such as 9-11-2001 in the US, the 7-7-2005 bombings in London, the two massacres in Paris in 2015, and the unlikely shootup at a center for the handicapped in San Bernardino, California, was to first create and then keep going a war on terror, built upon the demonization of Arabs and Muslims. The means for carrying out this war have been unlimited money, arms, explosives, police power, court authority, full ownership of almost all media, and totally amoral covert “intelligence” manpower.

This is a kind of war not envisioned in theories of class struggle and imperialist plunder. Evil of such magnitude has been perpetrated on the world that it almost seems we are dealing with the diabolical. An agenda of world conquest through war and enslavement can perhaps be explained as a goal of imperialism, but methods by which this agenda is being carried out today involve manipulations of human nature which are unprecedentedly dark and insidious.

The evidence is in those at the top pretending to the power of God, creating reality. In 2004, neocon shill Karl Rove is said to have bragged:

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

The arrogance in this statement is so extreme as to be psychopathic. Most of the people in the world are not psychopaths. Most of the people in the world are good. Good people are unable to fully understand evil when it occurs. They see in the world what they have it in them to see. This often does not include an understanding of evil.

The organizers of the new world order have gotten into the highest positions of power. With the full weight of the mainstream media behind them, they are able to dictate some of the most important memes in today’s culture, to dissent from which is almost the same as being crazy. This is the response many still have to those who claim (rightly) that 9-11 was carried out by a cabal working inside the US government. That the meme of heartless Muslims trying to destroy western freedom might not be true is a prospect too horrible for many people to face. We have, afterall, been told the same story year after year, in newspapers, magazines, TV, movies. Could so many different sources all be telling lies? Yes, they could.

The war on terror has been a major investment. Neocons in positions of power in the US government have largely been responsible for creating it. Planners like Philip Zelikow have written of the effect of “searing events” on human psychology, the advantage which large-scale trauma gives those in power to make public myths. For these theoreticians, to attain a hidden goal by sacrificing thousands of innocents, as in 9-11, is not a moral issue; it is a political calculation. This is diabolical.

Those who make a deal with the devil must eventually pay, but until then they have the use of the power they sold their souls for. We must understand that power as well as the hubris it gives them, which goes to the point now where false flag perpetrators barely provide a coverup, and will even forecast what they plan to do. Indeed, forecasting is another kind of mirror, a way of preempting analysis: Who would speak about committing a crime before doing it? Who would call for “a new Pearl Harbor”, and then bring that very thing about?

Yet another kind of mirroring is the criminal blaming the victim of the crime which he, the criminal, has committed. The thief accuses the shopkeeper of theft. The settler accuses the Palestinian of stealing his land. Uncle Sam has accused the Arab world of attacking him.

With their power, the “creators of reality” and their media have put us into a hall of mirrors. Our values have become distorted by a steady stream of deceptions. As Yeats said, “Everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.” Many actually believe we live in a world where there is a valid war on terror. Candidates for public office, making their own deals with the devil, pledge fealty to that war and to its main sponsor, Israel. Political prisoners languish in prison, unheard from. Police gun down African Americans with impunity in American streets. Israeli forces openly execute Palestinians for no reason. False flag mass murders are carried out by covert forces for the political gain of a very few. Millions die in what we’re told will be unending war, created by lies created by a distorted mirror.

We have the power to reject the neocons’ reality and create a reality where the money and guns are immediately taken out of the hands of these psychopaths. Once we understand the trick, the deception no longer works. Steve Biko said, “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” The real struggle is in our minds. To end this war, we must escort these people and their world out of our own psyches, and then help others do the same.


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Zionist Propaganda and Deception

February 25, 2016                                                                                         (En Español)

by Richard Hugus

There is an interesting kind of inversion in zionist propaganda whereby the thing the zionist accuses his enemy of doing, he is doing himself. Sometimes it is called projection, but in this case it is not a psychological flaw; it is done consciously for the purpose of deceit. So another word seems appropriate. Here is a case in point.

On February 22, 2016 a group called Americans for Peace and Tolerance held a news conference at the State House in Providence, in which they urged Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo to take back an offer she made last November welcoming Syrian refugees coming to the state.

This group, which claims to promote peace and tolerance, is an active supporter of Israel, which has for its entire history brought war to the world by demonizing Arabs and Muslims. When one of the most recent wars – in Syria — creates refugees, the group makes a stand for tolerance by holding a press conference to declare that Syrian refugees should not be tolerated. According to spokesman Charles Jacobs, the refugees “may pose significant dangers to Rhode Islanders, especially to the Jewish community here.” So, the people who created the wars, which in turn created the refugees, now want to be protected from having to be exposed to the refugees they created.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance are not Americans; they’re Israelis. They’re not for peace, but war. They’re not tolerant; they’re intolerant. They accuse others of hatred and violence when in fact this is their own stock in trade.

Reporting on the press conference by the Providence Journal and the Brown Daily Herald failed to point out that Americans for Peace and Tolerance is a zionist front working for Israel. Its founder and only prominent member is Charles Jacobs, who has founded and provided the membership for other similar groups for the same purpose. These include CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (promoting zionist media analysis), the David Project (promoting zionist campus activism), and the American Anti-Slavery Group (promoting the zionist attack on Sudan).

If there is a threat posed by refugees coming to the US from the Middle East, it is not that the refugees hate Jews here and wish to do them harm; it is that they understand from long experience what zionism has done to their people, culture, and lands in the name of the Jewish state, and that they can bring this understanding to people in the US who know nothing about it. This could be all the more harmful because critical financial, military, and diplomatic aid comes from the US. Of particular worry would be refugees and leaders from Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, or Sudan able to reach, talk to, and educate regular people in the US who have no idea of the racist genocide the US government is supporting. Wherever outspoken Arabs and Muslims have spoken up in New England, they have been attacked by the FBI, immigration authorities, and the court system until they are silenced by jail or deportation. Amer Jubran and Tarek Mehanna are two such examples.

On February 22nd, Charles Jacobs told the Brown Daily Herald: “Syrian schools teach the country’s children a hatred of the West — “especially of Jews.”

In the Comment section of the Providence Journal Jacobs says:

“Here is a study that shows that Syrians learn to despise Jews in schoolrooms across the country. They also learn about being jihadis, anti-Chrisian, and anti-democracy. The reporter got several studies from me, but declined to look at them. SO let the reader decide:

The study cited was put out in June 2001 by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, another friendly-sounding group, based in Israel. The Center is described by Miftah as “a Jewish organization with links to extremist and racist Israeli groups that advocate settlement activities in the Palestinian territories, expulsion (transfer) of Palestinians from their homeland, and claims that Palestinians are all ‘”terrorists” and that peace with them is not possible.”

The Executive Summary of the study lists a number of offensive positions taken in the Syrian school curriculum. For example:

“Zionism is depicted as a racist and aggressive movement based on false assumptions that the Jews are one people connected to Palestine. Zionism exploits the Jewish religion in order to exercise control over vast areas of the Arab homeland.”

This is supposed to be the outrageous hate speech in Syrian textbooks. In fact, it’s the truth.

One Itamar Marcus is cited for his work in preparing the study. According to Sourcewatch, “in recent years Marcus has been making a living translating and disseminating defamatory communications against Israel, extracted by his staff from Palestinian publications. Marcus, a settler, used to work for David Bar Illan, Benjamin Netanyahu’s PR chief.”

Below are other examples cited in the study as outrageous teaching of hatred in Syrian textbooks:

“An Arab people is uprooted from its land and incoming strangers are used by Imperialism and Zionism as a tool of oppression against the liberation movements in the region.” (Reader and Literary Texts, Grade 7, p. 207)

“Our land was invaded by alien people who had come from distant lands…” (Reader, Grade 5, pt. 2, p. 45)

“The Zionists…had homes in their distant homelands…[but] the oppressors insisted on taking our own home.” (“The Small Lemon Tree”, Short Stories, Grade 5, p. 12)

All true, and richly so. It would be a good antidote to the ignorance about Israeli racism in the US if such textbooks could be brought into US schools. We should be thankful to the study authors for letting us know about them.

Underscoring another method of Israeli propaganda — the importance of constant fear, The Brown Daily Herald reports:

“We will not bow to tyranny and evil,” said former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-MI, a former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who joined Americans for Peace and Tolerance at the State House. “There will be no more Boston massacres, no more San Bernardinos.”

This is where Israeli propaganda dovetails with highly charged political events staged by darker forces within the Israel and US governments. The real Boston massacre was in 1770; the fake Boston massacre was in 2013. San Berdardino was also a false flag. So was 9–11. These events are now earning their keep by becoming valid coin in support of the war on terror. Their purpose was to undergird the phoniest war in human history, as planned by the neocons working for Israel in the US. Without these staged events, Rep. Hoekstra would have no sound bite, and Americans for Peace and Tolerance would have no fear with which to threaten us.

Israeli propaganda is conducted with a sophisticated understanding of human psychology and culture. Its inversion of reality mixes us up by confronting us with the unthinkable. Would an organization professing noble goals actually promote lies? Could people who claim to be victims actually be aggressors? Could people in positions of authority plan massive attacks on innocent people in order to make us hate their political enemy? Could that enemy have been created out of whole cloth for decades on end? Could someone who says they’re against hate actually be in the business of causing hate? Could people smeared with the “canards” of owning the banks and media actually be guilty of these canards? Were these canards defined as such in order to pre-empt accusation? Could government officials who appear to be sane actually be psychopaths capable of committing false flags? Is it crazy to believe these things when the rest of the world apparently doesn’t?

According the the mainstream press, one of the alleged attackers during the November 13, 2015 Paris false flag allegedly said, “This is for Syria!” Here is the feat: Get the public to associate a monstrous mass murder with the legitimate cause of Syria, a nation under relentless outside attack, and you destroy any sympathy for that cause, vilify anyone who might speak in favor of it, justify unheard-of police repression, and further the original war on terror, all at the same time. A complete and utterly cynical deception.

Israeli agents such as Charles Jacobs exploit the meme of victimhood established long ago for Jewish people in order to further the attack being carried out by zionists against those who really are victims – in this case, the Syrians who have had to flee their attacks, their attempt to steal more Arab land, and, it would seem, their attempt to rule the world.


[Richard Hugus, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, also wrote “Zionism in Boston,” published at Dissident Voice in 2006.]

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War From Above

Richard Hugus

December 31, 2013



This September 2011 photo provided by Vanguard Defense Industries, shows a ShadowHawk drone with Montgomery County, Texas, SWAT team members (AP Photo/Lance Bertolino, Vanguard Defense Industries)


Drone aircraft, which we first heard of as weapons of war used by the United States in foreign lands, are now poised for a full-scale invasion of the skies above the US itself. On December 30, 2013 the US Federal Aviation Administration announced its choices for drone testing in six states around the country — Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia. These six states may in turn do their testing in more than one location, For example, according to the Anchorage Daily News, drone testing centered in Alaska at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks will be called “the ‘Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Range Complex.’ It includes six flight ranges in Alaska, four in Hawaii and three in Oregon.” According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser “the Pohakuloa Training Area on Hawaii island, the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai and even the island of Niihau have been included in discussions of places where the testing could occur.” According to the East Oregonian, drone testing is likely to involve a former military base in Pendleton, Port of Tillamook, and Warm Springs. Likewise, the New York operation will be run from the former Griffiss Air Force base in Rome, NY and, according to the Cape Cod Times, will also include the former Otis Air Base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Times reports that “the Cape site had the support of the state’s congressional delegation, a statewide military asset commission and business leaders” and that “among the institutions involved in the bid are Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Rochester Institute of Technology.”


What this story reveals is the creation of a huge web of DoD-connected Universities, businesses, corporations, defense contractors, and former and current Pentagon facilities spread all over the country. Included in this web are the many and various chambers of commerce, their boosters in the press, and numerous comprador “officials” anxious to bring federal money into their districts, at the expense of all the other people who live in them. Almost no news coverage has appeared that would imply the FAA decision was anything but a boon for the economy and the advent of a wonderful and inevitable new technology.


There is little news about the down side to hosting drones in all these areas of the country, each with a populace that has simply not been consulted. Drones first came to our attention at the beginning of “the war on terror.” We learned of them first as weapons for highly illegal, cowardly, and indiscriminate “targeted killings” in foreign lands. These weapons have murdered countless innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia pursuant to “kill lists” drawn up every week by the CIA and Pentagon, and approved by the White House. These weapons fulfill the US Air Force’s fantasy of “death from above,” carried out by pilots working in the security and comfort of US bases who, acting as judge, jury, and executioner, destroy supposed enemies from computer consoles as if it were a video game. The cowardliness of wars of aggression being conducted against innocent people in dirt-poor lands by unseen “UAV pilots” in air-conditioned offices thousands of miles away cannot be over-emphasized. This is what unmanned aircraft have brought so far to the reputation of the United States – a new low in the entire universe of human ethics. Murder abroad is but the advance of capitalism at home. Wedding parties in Afghanistan have been decimated so that Amazon can deliver cds and smart phones to our door by drone.


Nor is there news about the introduction of drones domestically as yet another assault on privacy and the human right to be free from surveillance. Domestic law enforcement agencies are just as anxious to spy on the US population and target people they call criminals as the Pentagon and CIA have been to spy on the rest of the world and kill people they call terrorists. It isn’t enough that our phones and computers have been turned by the NSA into astounding instruments of surveillance, that everything we say and do on these instruments is being harvested and stored, and that surveillance cameras are mounted at almost every business and public space. Now the national security state wants to have remote-controlled cameras videotaping us full-time from the sky. The police hope to have drones able to fire “non-lethal weapons” at people they deem to be involved in criminal activity so that they too can play God. Without question, non-lethal weapons will soon become lethal weapons and the US will be trying and executing citizens at home as it has done elsewhere without even a hint of due process.


The domestic military bases which are being revived by this brave new technology originally went out of business because there was nothing for them to do in the fulfillment of their original purpose – defending the country. Otis Air Base, now called “Joint Base Cape Cod”, is a case in point. It used to patrol the skies for Russian aircraft along the northeast coast and ended up being a disaster for the community in which it was situated because it polluted the local groundwater and sole-source drinking water aquifer with millions of gallons of dumped jet fuel and cleaning solvents. It sent fighter jets to intercept the two planes hijacked to New York on September 11, 2001, but ended up being part of a ploy to let those planes actually reach the twin towers before they got there. This base and many others have been parasites on the communities around them. They will continue in that role in their new incarnation as hosts to drone spying and drone warfare. The war has come home. The people orchestrating this war – the global elite — have no particular allegiance to the United States. From their point of view, its land and its people must also be brought under control, just like everywhere else. How sad it is to see the scramble to welcome them.


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The Case of Amer Jubran

May 11, 2014


Zionism is a system that chafes against the world. With its idea of a chosen people and its privileged control of states and institutions, where one whisper behind the scenes can outweigh the voice of millions, it offends us as an injustice. That injustice continues day in and day out for all the world to see in Palestine as occupation soldiers arrest even small children and shoot young demonstrators with impunity, as settlers burn olive trees and go on rampages of theft and harassment, and as settlers and soldiers together increase their attacks on the sacred buildings and grounds of the al-Aqsa mosque.

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Resist FBI and Grand Jury Repression

FBI_Grand Jury ResistanceGrand_Jury Resistance

Download pamphlet on FBI and grand jury resistance. Formatted for one typewriter sheet, both sides, tri-folded.

Folleto en Español

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